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Computer Lease Program

Nelson Christian School Society is able to access PC laptops from an organization that refurbishes them for schools. These laptops are formerly from businesses or government departments and are completely renewed and in excellent condition before we purchase them. Laptops are reputable brands – including Dell, Lenovo and HP and are usually between 2-5 years old.

The computer lease program allows families to have access to an affordable, reliable computer that is paid for over a 3-year term. This program is not a revenue generator nor fundraiser for CHEK ABC. We charge families the cost of the laptop with a small amount for shipping, taxes and time for our IT department to prepare them for student use. We do not charge any interest.

Cost of Lease

The annual costs to lease the laptops are as follows:

Lease: $80 per year
Microsoft Office License: $25 per year (optional)

The lease cost includes taxes and shipping to your home. Laptops come with plug in cable and a carry bag.

Terms and Conditions

All laptops are leased for a 3-year term. Families who enter into a lease agreement take on the responsibility of the cost and upkeep of the laptop. CHEK ABC will provide support for the first 30 days after the laptop is delivered, then the family will have to source outside support for any updates or repairs.

After 3 years, the family owns the laptop outright. Families are allowed to use their $100 School Based Resources Allocation for the cost of the lease and the Microsoft Office option, but not for any repairs for damage or IT services (such as removal of virus).

If a family leaves CHEK ABC before the end of the 3-year lease, they will be charged for the remaining years left on the lease. No refunds are given. If a laptop, is proven to be defective within the first 30 days we will work with the family to get a replacement.

Our experience with this program over the past two years has been extremely positive and we are pleased with the quality and durability of laptops that we have received. We are excited to offer this option to our CHEK ABC families.

To sign up to get a computer through the Computer Lease Program, click Next and complete the form.

Computer Lease Program

Please complete the information in the following form to sign up for the computer lease program.

If you have any questions about completing this form, we would love to hear from you. Email us at

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1. Please enter your name and contact details.
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3. Please enter the student name, grade and current school year.
4. Would you like to include a Microsoft Office license

Please note: The Microsoft Office license is an additional $25/year and is a recurring yearly subscription license for as long as it remains in use.

5. Agreement

I will comply with the terms and conditions of the Computer Lease Program. After 30 days from the day of receipt of the computer, I will assume full responsibility for technical support and maintenance for the computer. If I leave CHEK ABC before the lease period has expired, I agree to pay the remainder of the lease amount in full.

Please type your full legal name to the above statement. Typed in names suffice as handwritten signatures.

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